• Justin Bloyd

American Grit: Forged Authority, A Testament of a 'Lean StartUp'

Millions of Americans stay up at night, thinking about all the money they will make when their game-changing widget is a house-hold brand name.

Few truly understand how difficult it is to bring a product to market. How do you take a design, done on a napkin, and on a shoe string budget to life? Forged Authority, a company born in America's Heartland isn't asking How does this Happen? They are Making it Happen!

Their Modular Frame Rail, is designed to fit within the bed of any pickup truck. Installation is less than 5 minutes. The MFR allows the pickup truck owner to accesorize their bed at will. Tailgating chairs, heavy-duty tool boxes, or wheel chocks for dirt-bike and motorcycles; enable the sports or recreational enthusiasts to engage in their favorite activites without having to sacrifice valuable truck bed real-estate.

Forged Authority, is not only a testament to the American Dream, but also to ingenuity and Lean Thinking. Through an exhaustive patent-search, they identified an open landscape within the automotive after-market industry to stake their FA claim. There are many concurrent paths a product will take on its journey to becoming commercialized. IP being one of them, will rely heavily on the design team to incorporate your patent claims.

There are no less than 100 fantastic product development companies in the USA. They will take your napkin drawing: pixilate it, have it spring to life in a 2 minute cartoon video, and $25K later (if you're lucky) your convinced 'Crowdfunding' your video is your path to Millions of dollars. Successful StartUps must have a product with these 3 things: Disruptive Technology, Patentability, and a Robust Design process.

Companies like RB Sigma, are leaders in Robust Design and Lean thinking. With LSS Master Black Belts who have been influencers in many of the products and processes that have changed the way we live and work. Their Robust Design: Drive Concepts to Profits workshop is designed for StartUps and industry leaders.

As you dream about making Millions on your next big 'idea'. Keep your design, development, and manufacturing process Lean, but most of all - make sure you have the right team!

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